St Martin Croissant shows

Your visit to our centre includes live show led by the Croissant Master and Binio – an authentic resident of Poznan.

Full programme of the show includes:

  • discovering recipe and ingredients used in the preparation of St. Martin Croissants,
  • listening to legends about its origin,
  • tasting (included in the price)
  • baking St. Martin Croissants with the use of traditional utensils,
  • some of Poznan’s unique local dialect
  • watching multimedia animation of Poznan’s history highlights,
  • exploring tenement house historic Renaissance interiors,
  • getting apprentice certificates (kids groups only) and a chance to take a group picture.

Show lasts approx. 55 minutes and takes place several times a day (in Polish). Check prices and times .

Croissant + goat shows

In addition to all the elements from the regular croissant programme, the goat shows offer a possibility to watch the famous goats from the height of our windows. This opportunity is only available once a day and only as part of the Poznan Croissant Museum.

  • get direct view of the goats
  • listen to the story of the goats
  • sense a unique atmosphere high above the heads of tourists in Old Square
  • benefit from perfect view conditions even in bad weather!

This show lasts approx. 65 minutes and starts at 14:00 (in English!). Check prices and times .

St Martin Croissant souvenirs

Choose from a wide range of original souvenirs related to Poznan and St Martin’s Croissant. These include fresh, gift-wrapped St Martin Croissants, magnets, jewellery, postcards and many more.

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