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Poznan Croissant Museum

is a vibrant centre cultivating Poznan’s tradition and culture. Located in the very centre of the city it offers fantastic views of the City Hall Tower with its legendary mechanical fighting goats.

This is the place to be for everyone who wants to know Poznan better and quickly become familiar with its symbols, especially the famous St Martin Croissants. We create a friendly and casual atmosphere and ensure our guests have fun and enjoy this hands-on experience.

We offer shows both for residents and tourists alike. We organise company meetings and educational workshops which we tailor to individual needs. Please check our Guest’s opinions at TripAdvisor.

Watch our promotional clip
Watch our promotional clip

See you there!

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Croissant Museum is created by Poznan citizens, companies and artists. It reflects Poznan spirit of entrepreneurship, inventiveness and accuracy. Below is a list of Poznan Croissant Museum friends and supporters.

Strategic Partner

Fawor. Our official partner and supplier of fresh St Martin Croissants.
Founded in 1908, Fawor is one of Poznan finest and most popular bakeries and patisseries. Official partner of Poznan and supplier of certified St Martin Croissants which are available for tasting and purchasing here. Fawor is famous for its engagement in the life of our communities and promotion of local traditions.
The nearest Fawor shop is located on Wielka Street 24, just 50 meters away from the Poznan Croissant Museum entrance. For more information about products offered by Fawor and to find its bakeries across the city, visit www.fawor.pl

More partners

Fifne Studio. Animation in studio from Poznan – prepared all Museum’s animations.
DAGADANA. Poznan and Ukrainian band that you can listen to while watching the promotional clip.
Wydawnictwo Albus. Experts in Poznan dialect in which they publish books and dictionaries.
Drukarnia MJP. They are from Poznan and can print almost everything including Museum’s promo material’s.

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